• 1976
    The establishment of company.

    Our company was founded in 1976 and is a people-oriented sustainable enterprise. In the early days, we mainly engaged in the import and export of various brands and golf equipment.

    Later, in order to popularize fishing and leisure activities, we invested in more than 20 direct sales stores, successfully transformed the traditional fishing tackle business into an enterprise-oriented organization, and then we established the relationship enterprise "YUTUOH Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd." and "China Wholesale Sales Division".

    We have also established our own brand "HR Hearty Rise" to focus on high-quality fishing rod production, which is sold to countries all over the world.

  • 1982
    Taiwan factory was established.

    Established in 1982, HR Hearty Rise specializes in the production and development of fishing rods. Over the years, the production of fishing rods has been carried out to the highest standards. The quality must be synchronized with world famous brands. Our management team also regularly assigns professional personnel to overseas to absorb new knowledge and technology.

  • 1986
    The first direct chain store in Taiwan's fishing tackle industry.

    In 1986, under the constant pursuit of change, ETUOH took the lead in operating in the form of an open supermarket, open goods display, clear and comfortable display space, and uniform price without deception, becoming a model for Taiwan's fishing tackle industry. In order to serve more fishing friends, we have formed a chain service network in Taiwan, symbolizing our philosophy of "sustainable management and supremacy of customers".

  • 2000
    Expanding the Chinese market.

    In 2000, ETUOH fishing tackle officially entered the Chinese market, and established the China Wholesale Sales Division in Shanghai. It also officially announced to the vast number of Chinese fishing friends that they can enjoy the highest quality fishing tackle products and services at the same time with Taiwan.

  • 2011
    Zhangzhou factory was established.

    Since 2011, in response to the needs of the business, we have chosen to enter Zhangzhou to expand our production line and renamed it “Zhangzhou YUTUOH Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.”, hoping to increase production capacity on a stable basis so that the majority of fishing friends can have enough and diversified choices and the most comprehensive after-sales service.

  • 2019
    Vietnam factory was established.

    Vietnam factory has established during 2019. Due to business needs we have decided to establish new factory in Vietnam to expand the production, the name of the new factory is「HEARTY RISE VN CO., LTD」, we hope that not only the production would be increased, but also the quality would be as good as ever, so we can provide best quality products to many anglers, and make more and more anglers enjoy our products.